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       Borrowing Room: 8:00-17:00
       Reading Room:    8:00-20:00

              Welcome to the Library of Suzhou Foreign Language School !

The library of Suzhou Foreign Language School was started in 1994 in its former elementary school version. With its development over 18 years, however, the basic model of an integrated library system has been formed with books, magazines and audio-visual teaching aids in the library.

1.    The basic model in the library structure has now taken shape. We have established a book shelving and storage system to be enjoyed by both our teachers and our students. Our library contains books selected for primary school to middle/high school students, to teacher’s unduplicated reference books or precious books plus magazines and newspapers and audio-visual teaching tapes and cassettes. Three large reading rooms for teachers, middle/high school and primary school students, respectively, are now available to meet the ever increasing and multifaceted needs of our school.
2.    The body of our book collection system is being perfected day by day. Our 50 thousand copies of printed books are divided into 63 sets on Marxism with 66 copies, 878 sets on philosophy with 1080 copies, 30987 sets on social sciences with 43655 copies, 3000 sets on natural sciences with 4165 copies, and 1440 sets on integrated subjects with 1995 copies. Past magazines 6500 copies,and current magazines 450 copies. All of these along with the 3000 e-books and 5000 CDs have basically fulfilled the requirement of learning for our teachers and students. Moreover, all these books and materials are under scientific management for the benefits of everyone in the school.
3.    Scientific management with logical system of classification in our library:
(1) Using computerized management in an integrated system of indexing, classification, and checking books as well as periodicals in and out of our library.
(2) Classification has been standardized such that our library now uses classification method in its entirety. Educational and literature material have been divided up to six classes, which makes shelving the books approaching a more logical manner. The standardized labeling and numerical indexing allow easy searches by the users.
(3) We have step-by-step established a complete management system in our library.
(4) We shall allow an open-shelves lending system and promote a complete borrowing schedule for every class in the school, encouraging every student to read more books. With the teachers guiding their students to read the same books, enjoying the pleasure of reading together, letting the fragrance of the books fully emanate throughout the campus of Suzhou Foreign Language School.


1. Every teacher and student of the school can have a library card.
2. Please keep silent in the library. No shouting or running.
3. Please take good care of all the books.
4. No garbage leaving in the library.

Open time of rooms of books:

Teacher’s Checkout Room: Monday-Friday: Open all day
Student’s Checkout Room: Monday-Thursday: 12:00—12:40
  Friday:    12:00—12:30

Open time of reading rooms:                                                     

Teacher’s reading room: Monday-Friday: Open all day
Student’s reading room: Monday-Friday: 12:00—13:00