SFLS Profile

SFLS offers the best of the country.Set in the heart of the western SuZhou, our campus is the perfect environment for undisturbed study and getting here is simple.
SFLS can provide everything you need, including accommodation in the euro-style buildings.
The downtown of SuZhou city is just 20 minutes by car from the campus and offers a wide range of entertainment, including music, movies, theatre, the arts, and sporting events.
We have a wonderful surrounding at the school, and a proud inclination of producing independent, often pioneering, young ladies and gentlemen with the drive and confidence to make the most of opportunities and a difference in the world. That was the vision of the founding, originally named Suzhou International Elementary School, a public school in 1994, and privatized and renamed to be Suzhou Foreign Language School later in 2001, which now finely supports a K-12 education. Over the short history but it remains true of the school today; we have enjoyed the accolade of being named the leading Primary and Secondary School of the Province – several times in the last decade.


Discipline, Perseverance, Perfection.
We teach our students the real stuff 
To improve themselves non-stop 
And always search for perfection 


More than 400 teachers & Staff
More than 3,000 students