SFLS At A Glance

The best way to get to know our school is to come for a visit and a look around, experiencing the buzz and energy of the dynamic campus, enjoying the stunning grounds and the diversely decorated classrooms, and of course, meeting the students and teachers who make it such an exciting place to work and learn at.

SFLS, with over 3000 students, is located in a plot of nearly 70,000 square meters, from kindergarten, primary school, junior high, and senior high schools for both domestic and international programs.We are building a wonderful learning environment and a proud tradition of producing well-mannered, independent, creative, and talented citizens of the world rooted in Chinese history and culture with drive and confidence to fulfil their dreams in life.

1994 saw the founding of a public school, originally called SuZhou International Elementary School and later with the establishment of junior middle school in 1998 which was privatized and was renamed as SuZhou Foreign Language School (SFLS). And then after setting up the kindergarten and senior high school in 2001 she was moved to the current site from Jinshan Road. In recent years, many programs were developed with special features: Overseas class in 2002, Sino-Canadian class in 2003 (the current GAC class), Intel class in 2005, Art class for young ladies and CIE class for science and engineering students in 2007, German class in 2009 and Spanish class in 2010. Today the SFLS fully supports a K-12 education with multiple language options. Despite the short history with constant addition in programs and in the student body, it remains true as a privately run foreign language school today. We have enjoyed the accolade of being named as the Leading Primary and Secondary School of Jiangsu Province – several times in the last decade.

One of the main characteristics of SFLS is her strong boarding ethics (85%% boarding).  We firmly believe that all students, juniors or seniors d need the care and attention in our well-organized and closely-supervised boarding community. In addition, all buildings at SFLS are structured comfortably and very safe. We sincerely hope that by  being more careful and friendly to every student, we are capable of responding to the needs of each individual.

SFLS is a non-discrimination school but multi-cultural and a multilingual mini-society. Although the majority of our students are from China mainland, we have a number of overseas students, usually from Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, UK, Thailand, Canada and the USA. This offers the exciting prospect of learning more about other countries and cultures in a free and tolerant community. 

SFLS has a strong work ethic. Uniquely, about 500 staff, including 35 foreign teachers, are all specialists of different subjects, for whom the school provides a very good range of academic, creative and professional learning atmosphere. This is a community of learning and growing for students of confidence and enthusiasm who know what they want to achieve and who are working with motivation towards it.

SFLS always ranks top 3 of the city in the high school or college entrance exams, while in A-level CIE exams of 2010, our students achieved No.1 and No.2 places in the province and No.2 and No.3 nationwide. Besides the success in college entrance examinations, a dozen of clubs such as Art Festival, Music, Drama, Science, Sports, Community Service, Volunteer and Social Works, Camps, Overseas Exchange Visiting, Home Stay, EPA, Model UN,World Culture Heritage, etc. create a vibrant atmosphere and help students to expand their horizon and enjoy their time at SFLS where we ensure all students feel supported and valued throughout their time here.

 All in all, SFLS is one of China’s most exciting and successful schools. We are very proud of what we have achieved. We are keeping our traditional values, but we have opened a multifaceted educational system. We have met the need for students by constructing a bridge between secondary education and university life.