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   Never Ending Thanksgiving

The fourth Thursday of November is Thanksgiving Day every year. Ideal Kindergarten hold “Kiss Thanksgiving” activities with Western Culture Integration. Mothers and Fathers from Parent's committee are telling us about the origin of Thanksgiving, chefs of our kindergarten are preparing for delicious food, teachers are helping kids make beautiful gifts. The spirits of love and gratitude multiply right now.           More

   Be together to make good cooperation


   We are to graduate…


   “Running Baby!”


   Colorful Children’s Day


   Flower Arranging-- Taste Sweet --Enjoy Pleasant


   Have A Great Fun


   Hand in hand, set sail


   Spring blossoms-- The new term begins


   A Cheerful New Year


   Parents Open Day as the kind of “Personal Tailor”

In order to give expression to the pluralism education philosophy from the Ideal Kindergarten of SFLS and meet the personalized needs of the parents, the Parents Open Day used the "menu style" choice model. We give the parents most creative and personalized Parents Open Day of “Personal Tailor” according to the age characteristics of children and parents intention tendency.                 More

   X'MAS and Happy New Year

Christmas is coming, ideal kindergarten hold The Christmas Party on Christmas Eve,and the happiness unfolding like the flowers. The Christmas melodies and rhythm of new year are everywhere. Every child is a hero, our teachers and parents create their own Christmas party!          More

   Baby Loves to Explore!

“I will create a picture!”
“I want to make some perfume for my mom!”
“The float-sink experiment is so fun!”
Morning regional activities are an important part of daily life in the kindergarten, and are also an extension
of regularly taught lessons.

   Happy Halloween! Trick or Treat?

Halloween is a holiday celebrated on October 31. Dressing up in costumes is one of the most popular Halloween customs. In keeping with this tradition, kids of Ideal kindergarten dressed up in costumes and wore special clothing, masks or disguises to celebrate Halloween.           More

   A Good Beginning From Lisa and Jessie

Recently, Ideal Kindergarten English Teaching and Research Group successfully held open classes as delivered by teachers Lisa and Jessie, showing great teaching proficiency. Lisa and Jessie demonstrated accurate pronunciation, effective teaching methods, and great teaching skills, which show the high teaching quality of Suzhou Foreign Language School.           More

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