Happy Thanksgiving!

      I would like to personally thank all of the parents who joined us for a very special Parent Open Day. We were able to show how a typical day goes at Suzhou Foreign Language School Kindergarten. We are very proud of the great success and all the insight we had to offer for this day. Broken up over 2 days, we were able to accommodate all the parents for our Thanksgiving celebration. Activities included art and crafts, kitchen creations, curriculum studies and many other fun and exciting activities.
K1 classrooms were quite energetic. Children that are so young are very rambunctious and when their parents are in watching them, sometimes they are unable to control their excitement. We had quite a few students in both classrooms that were very excitable around their parents. However, we are much better able to control this situation in the quiet of our everyday routine. The children played games and gained much more knowledge as well as created a fun Thanksgiving themed craft or food. K2 had great success. These students were very engaged. Knowing the routines in the classroom very well, these students were able to focus and follow through with a normal day’s routine. They were also able to expand their knowledge and create a fun Thanksgiving themed head piece. K3 also did a great job. These students are older and have much better control. They were able to focus and show the parents how wonderful they are doing on a daily basis. The teachers did great. We’re very proud of them for all their hard work. The children are gaining knowledge so quickly and we hope that the parents have had a chance to see why. 
We try to do our best educating your children and we hope that today helped you understand and recognize the hard work we put in every day. Have a great weekend!
                                     - SFLS Kindergarten Administration