Military Spirit

     This August was a great challenge for all students in our grade, as we had the military training at school. Unlike other summer holidays that we have had, during 17th to the 23th August, we must come to school, stand still under the burning sun and train as a soldier for three hours every single day. But we also had some activities like the class poster competition and the singing competition. Actually, this summer is extremely cool, compared with the previous one. As a matter of fact, most of us had a good time taking part in activities and training with our adorable instructors.
   We train, we gain. Military training is a precious chance that we are not gonna get any other time in our life, for we had made our decision to attend the international course. If we rest, we rust. We took this chance and lower our fat. Everything we do have a bright side. The days that make us happy make us wise. We may seem to be quite exhausted after training when we go back to the classroom and rest, but at the same time, we have greatly strengthened our willpower and improved the quality of life. We are just at the age that is, in a way, like the unfolding of a bud, so don’t mind if we get burnt in the sunny days, don’t mind if we get all wet in the pouring rain, for they give us energy to burst into bloom!
                                                                                                                                  From:   AP1A  赵敏成

    We had a one-week military training from 17th to 23rd, August, which was tough but unforgettable to us.Although we were in an entirely new circumstance and didn’t know each other before, we gradually became good friends and formed a lively new class.The weather was incredibly cool, so it was not insufferable. But we still needed to do a lot of training like standing at attention, saluting, and marching up and down, which made us feel tired but strengthened our mind.
    We had not only training but also activities which helped us become familiar with our classmates and helped us show our various abilities. The lectures told us a lot about Suzhou Foreign Language School and common senses of the army and laws. We also had great fun making military-training posters and writing articles about military training. We all felt proud of our works.
Near the end of the military training, we went hiking to Divine Rock Hill. The journey was about 15 kilometers and we needed to finish it within 3 hours. As we were a really large team containing 7 classes, we had to run fast every time we were passing the crossroads, which made us exhausted. It was a really hard time but none of us dropped out. We all successfully finished the hiking in the end.
The military training was colorful. It was also tiring, but as long as you persist, you would benefit a lot and get a stronger will.

                                                                                                                              From AP1A 刘人华