Trip to Lone Pine Zoo

Every summer vacation over 50 students in two groups from SFLS will go to Brisbane of Australia to begin two-month long study tour in two schools there, namely Corinda State High School and Centenary State High School, both of which are public and well known locally. Our students there almost completely follow their timetable and schedule on campus and live in the home-stay families, except there is one excursion weekly, i.e, our students live a life there like a Australia student and gain a lot with the buddies or home-stay families. Now let’s share their experiences as follows:

    Today, I went to Lone Pine Zoo with my classmates and few teachers. It was a lovely day and we all enjoyed ourselves very much.
     We arrived at Lone Pine Zoo at 9 in the morning, the first impression of the zoo for me is wide and wonderful. Firstly, we went to see the koalas, koala is the unique animal in Australia, just like the panda in China. Koalas are very adorable creature. They have grey hair, small eyes and big nose. I was very lucky that I could take a picture with koala, I held it and I felt that it is so heavy, and it looked at me curiously with its shining, small eyes. It is said that koalas sleep 23 hours a day and have some food in the other one hour. I think that is a sort of happy and light-hearted.
      Then, we went to watch the sheep dog show, which was so amazing and funny. The dog just ran after the sheep to make them back to the cage. Then the zoo keeper gave us a performance of sheep shearing show. He first introduced to us the tools and their usage. After that he began to get rid of the wool on the sheep, the most impressive one is that the facial expression of the sheep was so funny, and it just looked us with the eyes, understanding thoroughly at heart.
    At last, we went to feed the kangaroos, the teachers prepare the food of kangaroos for us ahead. The kangaroos are very meek animals. The time we went to see them was the mid of the day, so almost each one of them looked quite lazy and sleepy, and many of them were having a rest. I took a lot of pictures for them, because they are fascinating and lovely.
    In addition, we also visited other kinds animals, just like dingo, platypus, wombats and so on. The zoo is great and fantastic, the animals are all living happily there, and human beings and those animals are living in harmony.
        by CIE2A冯娅婷(Tess)

    We went to the Lone Pine on Thursday. We saw many different kinds of animals in it, such as koala, birds and kangaroos, some of which are smart, while some of which are lazy. But all of them are very cute.
    Koala is one kind of cute animal with grey fur. They are the national treasure of Australia, such as panda in China. Koala, looking like the young bear, likes climbing trees, and they always spend a lot of time on the tree. So they are really smart and cute.
    There are many different kinds of birds in this zoo. They looks strange, and some of them I haven't seen before coming to Australia. We also saw the bird shows. In fact, I think that the show is very boring. The birds are not obedient to the zoo keeper, and they want to escape. It is cruel to keep these birds in the enclosure, they should fly in the sky. However, as a zoo, the Lone Pine is great .It has more space for birds, and the birds have more freedom.     
And we feed the kangaroo before we left. Few of them have their babies in their stomach, and those kangaroos can not jump very quickly. They are very busy, many of them were sleeping when we are feeding them. They are hungry and eat lots of food after getting up. But they go to sleep again after they are full. So possibly they just eat, sleep and jump everyday.
    After visiting all the animals, I think I like koala best. They looks so cute when they are sleeping on the tree. If I can choose, I want to become a koala, because I just need to do two things, sleeping and eating. That's really cool.
    In conclusion this is a really good place to have fun. And there is free wifi in it, too. So if you have a chance to come to Australia, please go to the Lone Pine. That will be a good choice.
     by CIE2A胡文婷 Hanna