Excursion to Sea World

 Every summer vacation over 50 students in two groups from SFLS will go to Brisbane of Australia to begin two-month long study tour in two schools there, namely Corinda State High School and Centenary State High School, both of which are public and well known locally. Our students there almost completely follow their timetable and schedule on campus and live in the home-stay families, except there is one excursion weekly, i.e, our students live a life there like a Australia student and gain a lot with the buddies or home-stay families. Now let’s share their experiences as follows:

     On this week's excursion, we went to the Sea World which is far away from Brisbane. It takes about 1 hours to go there on the coach. Unlike the sea world in China, the Sea World we went to is just like a big park, where there are many kinds of sea species and also a lot of entertainments. The weather is good that day, though there was a little bit raining. I took lots of photos there and I have a good time there.
     The Sea World is at the edge of the Brisbane, just near the sea. Every year there are some humpback whales migrating from Antarctic Ocean, but we are not in the right time. What a pity! When we enter the entrance, I saw a big Sponge Bob which is gorgeous. I asked Daniel to take a photo with him. It is 11 o'clock at that time, so we rush to the image dolphin show to enjoy the dolphin's performance. I have to say, dolphin is a really clever sea mammal. It can be trained by people very well. It says that the dolphin is as clever as the human child and they are really friendly to human. I often see some report on the internet that the dolphin protect the human from drowning and protect them from sharks' attack. They just perform a good show for us. When the dolphin leaps out of the water and flip, I took a lot of photos of it. The most impressing thing is that the dolphin wave to us with their fin at the end of the show. That's lovely!
       After the dolphin show, we went to have a lunch in small groups at food area. At there I saw a lot of sea gulls. They saw us eating and just tweet to us. I think it is interesting, so i just treat them with some of my bread crumbs. This attracts lots of sea gulls and they were tweeting loudly. Just at that time, I saw a sign which is far away from me. It says: do not feed the pigeon. I just want to say: sorry I did not see the sign, it is too small.[Ashamed] It rained after that and we found a place to stayed inside.
    When the rain became smaller, we went back to outside and had a ride on a small Roller Coaster. It was my first time to have a ride on the roller coaster.[Actually i am a bit afraid of height] However, it was really exciting though. In the afternoon, we met some Chinese students from other school and we had a water fight. It was really drastic and i went all wet through at last.
     We went back earlier that afternoon for it seemed there would be a big storm But I was disappointed that I did not see the humpback whales. Maybe I will visit this good place again when I graduate from the Senior school.
    by CIE2A 张禹(Johnson)