Jigsaw love

My grandma and I loved playing with jigsaw puzzles. I loved the feeling of matching two pieces together and examining how nice and natural the colors and patterns fit as if they were born to be together. And my grandma would rather match an easy puzzle and enjoy the final nice job afterwards. After all, matching by ourselves is not much fun at all; the greatest part of matching puzzles which I enjoy the most is cooperating with my grandma.
  To me, my grandma is a puzzle expert. I can still recall one of our joint projects. It wouldn’t be that much of a hard work if we work together on a puzzle, since the puzzle I was planning on doing the other day had only 300 pieces and I am not a bad puzzler.
  But this time, my grandma did not seem to show any interest. So, without much hope of having her join me, I dug through the pile of jigsaw pieces, trying to find the edges and corners.
  Then, my grandma came to help, and we dived right into the big pile of puzzles but could not swim out again. As time flew by, the pieces eventually joined together, and the bits and pieces of the pictures showed up gradually. Soon, we managed to join the pictures together and the whole puzzle was almost done. Whenever we found a piece that seemed to match with another one, we would ask the other one if it was right or not; whenever we joined two pieces together, my grandma would laugh and say things like “don’t you think I am a genius?” while grandma headed off to find another piece.
  Whenever a picture was finished, we would talk about how nice or weird it looked; we would talk about the roof, the chimney, the stairs, the little girl, and the swans in the pond. When there is puzzle, there is love. When the puzzle was done, we both sat back and examined the tiny pieces and checked if the patterns were all right. The final entire picture was really beautiful, and there were more. Flowing among the gaps was love, simple but neat and natural – just like how smoothly a jigsaw piece could slide into a gap and join other pieces, it all seemed as if they were born to be together, forever.