My first day at summer camp

As it turns out, summer camp is one of those rare topics upon which both kids and parents agree, almost unanimously! After all, most children love the prospect of playing, socializing, exploring and experimenting in the company of other friends and counselors, and parents love the fact that their child gets a chance to experience such things. What is a summer camp like from a child’s perspective? 
  During this summer holiday, I was at a summer camp for five days. It took place in Lion Church, which was next to Suzhou Amusement Land on Yushan Road. I was reluctant to go to the summer camp at first, as I never imagined spending my summer vacation at a church.
  The days at the summer camp were incredibly amazing and interesting. I think I was so lucky that my very first lesson was music class. Or maybe I should say it was great that a music teacher taught me for my very first lesson.
  My music teacher was Rebecca. She looked like a university student and she was a very interesting teacher. We sang and danced in music lessons, and Rebecca was always smiling, jumping around (or dancing), singing songs. You can almost call that “crazy.” But because “crazy” is usually not a very positive word, so I would like to describe her: a super energetic teacher.
  I love music, too, but I hadn’t danced for so long that I almost forgot how to dance, plus I was kind of embarrassed at first to dance in front of my classmates. But thanks to Rebecca, who slowly “pulled” something out from me during the whole class, who pulled the “real” me out: the one that actually likes to dance and sing. And at last, I was enjoying dancing and singing like Rebecca, forgetting about everything, just using my actions to tell my only feeling: I LOVE MUSIC!
  I also had games, arts, and English lessons every day. And as I said before, I really didn’t want to go to this summer camp at first, but I still did and I enjoyed it very much. There were many students that did believe in God like I had imagined, but more students didn’t, like me. But that really didn’t matter, we played together, laughed together, learned together, and soon we all became very good friends. So from this experience, I have learned and I want to tell myself that I should always be brave to try to do something new, because if I didn’t, like this time, I would have never known how much fun this summer camp could be.