PETS Master from IGCSE Class 2

Jingze Huizi from IGCSE Class 2, passed the Public English Test System Band 4.
In the five levels of PETS, band 4 is mainly for senior high school graduates or the freshmen and sophomores in universities. For a student in Grade 8, that is not easy. 
There must be some English study “secrets”, so let’s figure out what kind of girl she is and how she studies. 

Here come some words from her. “It’s my great fortune to pass PETS4. To be honest, I feel quite delighted about this little lucky “success” of mine. PETS 4 is usually considered as quite a challenging exam for most 8th graders. As a great many students look forward to making an achievement in their English by passing this examination, I’m willing to give some advice.”
She is in fact one of those rare Asian people whose first language is English. She started learning this language at a young age of one and reached a fluent level in speaking English in about four years’ time. However, she hadn’t been learning in the normal way during this period.
Grammar wasn’t the thing which came first. Apart from a tiny little bit of grammar, she didn’t learn any rules at all. In her mind, those grammar rules getting easier and easier as the learners grow up. However, if one is able to remember things very swiftly and without mistakes, certainly grammar will be a piece of cake at the beginning. 
English films came first in her English study. She watched an English film every other day. Needless to say, she could hardly understand anything in the films. Many people will consider this as a useless method. However, this actually helped a lot with her listening. She also read loads of English story books in her spare time, which helps her a lot as well.
She always believes the most important thing for a second language learner is that one should try his or her best to get the native sense of using that language.