Happy Teacher's Day

 Golden September, here comes the thirty-first teacher’s day.

Greetings from principle:
        This morning Principals Dong Bin comes to ideal kindergarten to express his sincere solicitude.
He gives each teacher sincere greetings, flowers and gifts.

Full of "love" card:
        Pretty cards that made by kids give respect and gratitude to the teachers. Greeting CARDS, the feeling
is very kind, and very warm. Happy holidays! Express kid's most affectionate greetings to the teachers.

Daddy and Mommy’s love record:
        Some parents from Ideal kindergarten’s Parents Association also use a special way to send teachers Surprise.
Each little hand, would like keep it as a souvenir, and give teachers’’ unremitting pursuit of education ideal of stream power.

Grade life, to be happy teacher: 
         Beautiful flowers, the thick coffee, teachers get together in the studio. They talk about hobbies, share the story in the journey,
enjoy the unique flavor of happiness.
         The unique way of "love" is the teachers’ sweet memories, also a beautiful new scenery, showing the unsophisticated of education.